Usher Ministry

Mission Statement:

To establish, stabilize and sanitize the body of Christ; through quality service, to ensure orderliness, peace and unity among worshippers.

The Functions of an Usher
Ushers are responsible for encouraging silence and appropriate behavior as the people enter the sanctuary, participate in services, and leave the sanctuary. Ushers provide for the ordinary needs of attendees by providing bulletins, helping people find seats, and maintaining quiet. Ushers also provide for special needs, such as hearing assistance devices, materials for children, etc.

Before the Service:
  • Arrive at church at least 30 minutes early and check in with the head usher. Help to get things organized by following the lead usher’s requests to obtain items from the sacristy and/or office as required.
  • Participate in prayer 25 minutes before service.
  • At the doors to the sanctuary, greet the worshippers, hand out bulletins, and direct people to seats as necessary. Offer large-print bibles and hymnals, hearing-assist devices, children’s materials, etc. to those who may need or request them. Politely discourage small “discussion groups” from blocking the entrance doors to the sanctuary.
During the Service:
  • Seat latecomers only when it does not interfere with the worship service.
  • If people leave the sanctuary during the worship service, allow them to reenter the sanctuary only at an appropriate time that will not interfere with the worship service. Use good judgment.
  • Politely request that people be as quiet as possible on the stairs when they are being seated in the balcony, to minimize noise.

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