Warfare Ministry/Gatekeepers

Welcome to the Gate Keepers Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Ministry! We are excited about the family of prayer warriors God (Gate Keepers) has brought together. He has given us each a measure of His Holy Spirit. We are committed to prayer in the Holy Spirit by faith with His direction and unction.

Our Mission:
The mission of an Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Ministry (Gate Keepers) is to ensure that all areas of the church are covered with prayer continuously. We pray for our church, for nations, leaders/kings, governments and all those in authority. We pray for our families, partners, supporters and the entire Body of Christ.

We rely on God’s Power to break through, pull down and build up victoriously as we flow in the Holy Spirit, creating an atmosphere for Signs, Wonders and Miracles in the Name of Jesus. This ministry consists of committed, diligent and dedicated members submitted to the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As a member of the gate keeper’s intercessory and spiritual warfare ministry, you must:
  • Be a Born-again believer, baptized in the Holy Spirit;
  • Be a Tither;
  • Be committed Member of Overcomers Family (MOWI);
  • Study and Meditate on the Scriptures Daily;
  • Confess the Scriptures Daily;
  • Feed on the Word of God twice weekly with the local church body;
  • Attend Sunday Morning Worship;
  • Attend Wednesday Family Night Service;
  • Have a Vision of Prayer Ministry birthed in your spirit;
  • Be a Demonstration of the Fruits of the Spirit;
  • Be Prompt (On Time), Diligent, Dedicated and Committed for Prayer Sessions and Meetings.

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