Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry exists to help create a passionate heart of worship in our relationship with God. MOWI women’s ministry assist each other by maximizing and submitting their talents and resources in accordance with God’s divine order to meet the needs of family, community and self.

They come together to be inspired and empowered through prayer meetings, conferences, fellowships and a surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to promote spiritual growth and maturity, to build meaningful relationships by discovering and leaning to appreciate our commonality and diversity and to empower women for effective service in their sphere of influence.

Our Vision:
We seek to nurture, teach and mature the women in womanhood, motherhood, marriage and ministry. By focusing on God’s purposes, we desire for women to have victory in their personal lives, empowering them to take the Good News of Jesus to the world community.

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