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Deliverance Questionnaire

Uncovering open doors to the demonic in a Christian's life

This questionnaire is meant to be used by a knowledgeable deliverance pastor or minister, because the reasons for each of these questions are not explained in this questionnaire. A knowledgeable deliverance minister should know the reasons behind each of these questions, and should be able to discern obvious bondages that these questions will reveal.

Each and every question does not necessarily indicate bondage, but will help give a bigger picture to the person ministering deliverance, and can be helpful in locating obvious bondages in a person's life. These questions can reveal strongholds, demonic bondages and legal grounds that may need to be addressed.

Part I: The bondage

1. When did this bondage start?

2. was there any unusual things that took place (or you did) when this bondage started?

3. If this bondage started when you were a child: Do you have ancestors who have suffered from a similar kind of bondage?

4. What kind of bondage are you facing? (Fears, depression, voices in your mind, mental illness, physical illness, mental torment, spiritual torment, etc.. Please be as detailed as possible.)

5. What are all the things that have impacted your life? (Parent's death, trauma, a certain situation that changed your life, anything that 'changed' you.)

Part II: Your ancestor's background

1. Do you have ancestors who have struggled with similar problems or bondages?

2. Did your bondage start as a child and appear to have no reason to be there?

3. Do you have siblings who suffer from similar bondages or oppression?

Part III: Soul ties

1. Have you been involved with extramarital sex? Are you attracted to an ex-lover? Is he or she a good/godly influence for you?

2. Have you been divorced?

3. Do you feel an unusual attraction to a past boyfriend, girlfriend or lover (who is obviously not right for you)?

4. Do you let anybody dominate, control, or make your choices for you?