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Part VI: Unforgiveness or Bitterness

1. Is there anybody you feel edgy around? (Don't like them, feel anything in your heart against them, etc.)

2. Are you bitter or have anything against anybody?

3. Has anybody wronged you that you haven't forgiven from your heart (thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.)?

4. How do your view your siblings, parents, coworkers, etc.? Do you have any hard feelings against them?

5. Do you make a habit of blaming yourself for everything? Do you obsess over your mistakes and feel unusually guilty for them?

Part VII: Personality

1. Are you a very positive or negative person?

2. Do you feel confident in yourself? If so why?

3. Do you have a low self esteem? If so why?

4. Are you domineering or controlling? If so whom and in what ways and why?

5. Are you an achiever?  Or a go-getter, in what ways?

6. Do you feel that you are always right and that if everybody did everything your way, this world would be a better place to live?

7. How do you treat your children? Husbands are you controlling, passive, etc.?

Part VIII: Emotional health

1. Do you strive to feel accepted? If so, how does this affect your lifestyle? By whom do you want to feel accepted?

2. Are you always stressed out? If so why?

3. Do you feel hurt?  By whom; and why?

4. Do you feel good about yourself? If not, why?

5. Do you feel depressed? If so why? When did it start? Did your parents or grandparents struggle with depression? If so, then do you know when it started and why? Do you have siblings who are also struggling? Do you feel your depression is rational or irrational?

6. Do you struggle with fears? If so in what ways? (Fear of heights, dying, being hopeless, failure, never marrying, etc.)

7. Do you worry about things? What things do you worry about? Why?