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The Ministry of the Word International and House of Prayer (MOWI), is a Christ-centered, full gospel, vision driven, Holy Spirit led ministry, located at 380 Broad Street, 2nd Fl., in Newark, NJ 07102. Our aim is to build a family church, spread the gospel and meet needs of the people by building bridges and not walls.

We emphasize spiritual warfare prayer; the Word of God; and the Holy Spirit; and total deliverance from all demonic strongholds.

We believe in the whole Bible and we will not compromise in preaching the truth of the full gospel. The Ministry of the Word International and House of Prayer is a fellowship of individuals united by a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

MOWI is composed of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and works of life; who are have determined to build their lives on the truth.

Every member subscribes to the belief that Jesus Christ is the only true savior of mankind. He is the Lord of their life, and the only way a person can have eternal life is through being united with Jesus, in spirit, by repentance and faith.

MOWI purposed to reaching and teaching others this foundational truth.

All MOWI members understand that the purpose of the local church is to co-operate with the Holy Spirit in the development, preservation and experience of the life of God in the believer, through instruction and opportunities for services.